BOTOX in Chronic Migraine
BOTOX in Hemi Facial Spasm
BOTOX in Bleparo Spasm
BOTOX in Cervical Dystonia
THROMBOLYSIS in Wake up Stroke
THROMBOLYSIS in Stroke with Protein C Deficiency
THROMBOLYSIS in Stroke with Pulmonary Oedema
THROMBOLYSIS in Stroke with Chronic Renal Disease
THROMBOLYSIS in Stroke with Complete MCA Main Trunk Thrombosis
BOTOX in Blepharospasm
BOTOX in Hemifacialspasm
BOTOX in Spasticity
BOTOX in Post Stroke Spasticity
THROMBOLYSIS in Young Stroke
BOTOX in Hemifacialspasm
BOTOX in Oromandibular Dystonia
BOTOX in Writer Cramp

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